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Austen Ganley

rDNAome - GANLEY LaboratoryLab head. Senior lecturer in genetics and evolution.

E-mail: a.ganley<at>

Austen completed his BSc, BSc(Hons) and PhD in Genetics all at Massey University. From there he managed to escape the clutches of Palmerston North and voyaged to another “south” – Southern USA, to post-doc in the mushroom lab of Rytas Vilgalys at Duke University in North Carolina. After a series of cultural exchanges involving mushroom identification and hangi building, he departed for the East (in a westerly direction), moving to Takashi Horiuchi’s lab at the National Institute of National Biology in Okazaki, Japan, working with Takehiko Kobayashi. When Takehiko was appointed Professor at the National Institute of Genetics in Mishima, Austen followed him there to continue his post-doc work on the rDNA. After being appointed Assistant Professor there and very nearly staying for good, Massey lured Austen back with a Senior Lectureship at the Albany campus, and at the very end of 2007, with much improved Japanese but much poorer English, he returned. Following eight years there, he decided to see what all the fuss about Auckland commuting is about, and so took up a position at the University of Auckland, in the School of Biological Sciences. He now spends his time teaching and figuring out ways to better understand the rDNA, but mostly annoying the people in the lab.

Daniela Quintana

rDNAome - GANLEY LaboratoryPhD student in Genetics

Megan Schischka

rDNAome - GANLEY LaboratoryPhD student in Genetics

Daria Chudakova

rDNAome - GANLEY LaboratoryPostdoctoral Fellow in Cancer Genetics

Jess Fitch

rDNAome - GANLEY LaboratoryMSc student in Genetics

Diksha Sharma

rDNAome - GANLEY LaboratoryPhD student in Bioinformatics

Sylvie Hermann-Ledenmat

rDNAome - GANLEY LaboratoryVisiting scientist from the ENS and Paris-Sud University in France

Jennie Chan

BSc(Hons) student in Bioinformatics

Jack Clemens

MSc student in Biotechnology

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Nour Ghamri, BSc(Hons) in Genetics, 2015-2016; PhD student at University of Auckland

Lisa Mill, Research Technician in Genetics, 2014-2015; Technician at Diagnostic Genetics

GengGeng Shen, Postgraduate Certificate and Research Technician in Genetics, 2011-2015; Technician at Cordbank

Georgia Breckell, Undergraduate research student, 2015; BSc (Honours) student at Massey University

Chrissie Floden, Researcher in Molecular Biosciences, 2015; Teacher at Red Beach School

Laura Nigon, Research Technician in Molecular Biosciences, 2012-2015; Research Technician at the University of Auckland

Saumya Agrawal, PhD in Bioinformatics, 2009-2014

Mat Woods, Post-doctoral Fellow in Yeast Genetics, 2011-2014; Research Fellow at the University of Otago

Ilog Seo, BSc (Honours) student in Molecular Biosciences/Genetics, 2011-2013

Mark Walker, visiting MSc student in Evolution from University of Canterbury, 2012-2013

Nazanin Ebrahimi, Post-grad student in Genetics, 2009-2011; PhD student at University of Auckland

Naomi Davies, BSc(Hons), 2012; PhD student at University of Auckland

Ting Dong, Undergraduate research student, 2011-2012

Shannon Fraser, Undergraduate research student, 2012

Mac Purvin, Undergraduate research student, 2012

Aida Crombach, Postgraduate Certificate, 2011; Honorary Consul of Peru in New Zealand

Elizabeth Mbuba, Research Technician and Lab Boss 2009-2011; Technician at Tegel

Yogesh Dalvi, Visiting PhD student 2010-2011; completed PhD at University of Pune

Hiba Houssain, Voluntary researcher 2010

Jessica Smith, Summer student 2009-2010

Susan Morton, Summer student 2008-2009; completed PhD at the Australian National University, Canberra

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