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  • 26/October/2015 - Saumya’s paper accepted for publication!

    Saumya’s paper on a computational method to determine the complete rDNA sequence of an organism has just been accepted for publication in Methods in Molecular Biology!!

  • 8/October/2015 - Research Team Medal Award

    Austen is a part of the Massey BioProtection team that has just won the Massey University Team Research Medal!! The other members of the team are Barry Scott, Rosie Bradshaw, Murray Cox, Carla Eaton, and Pierre-Yves Dupont. You can find the announcement here.

  • 30/March/2014 - Mat’s baby!

    Congratulations to Mat and Hannah on the birth of their son!! He was born on March 25th, and we are very pleased that everything went well. Best wishes from the lab!!

  • 18/March/2014 - Our paper out in PLoS Genetics

    Our paper, in a collaboration with Murray Cox at Massey Palmerston North, on the transcriptional response to allopolyploidy in fungi has been published recently in PLoS Genetics. The article can be accessed here. It was also featured in a story in the Manawatu Standard, which can be found here.

  • 3/March/2014 - Daniela wins UQGS award at Lorne!

    Belated congratulations to Daniela for winning the prestigious UQGS student award at the Lorne Genome meeting. As part of this award, she was able to present her work at the meeting. She was in rarified company, being one of only 35 talks for the whole conference, 19 of which were international invited speakers who between [...]

  • 16/January/2014 - Saumya submits thesis!!

    Congratulations to Saumya for submitting her PhD thesis!! Great news, and great work!

  • 4/December/2013 - Genome research paper in print!

    Saumya’s Genome Research paper has finally appeared in the print edition, and can be accessed here!!!

  • 29/November/2013 - Daniela wins student talk prize

    Congratulations to Daniela for winning one of the student talk prizes at the YPD2013 meeting! Great job with some very stiff competition. The meeting was great, with Mat also giving a good talk. Lots of great talks all round. Thanks to Evelyn for the organization, and we’ll get some pictures at some point.

  • 31/October/2013 - F1000 recommendation

    Our recent Current Biology paper (Saka et al, 2013) has just received a Faculty of 1000 recommendation – see here.

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